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Cyber-bullying is real. But it is not just a child issue. Cyber-bullying is also a social issue. That is, it is not just a school issue. Are you a bully?

Where is Nature?

Where is nature? For most people, nature is in the woods; nature is located away from urban dwellings. I disagree. Nature is everywhere.

Educational Law

There is no panacea in education. But such issues can be very complicated. There is no right or wrong answer to school problems.

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    Learning In Society
    What does learning entail? How do people learn? These are interesting questions. Learning is an important aspect of human evolution. What learning entails could be deciphered from various perspectives. (more…)
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  • parkinglot
    The Term Crime?
    Most conducts that could be classified as crimes are not punishable under most laws. It often depends on who engaged in such conducts and for what purpose. Let us explore the nature of the term crime. Let us assess how it applies in society. (more…)
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    What is Crime?
    How to best explore the extent of crime in society? Various approaches purport to explain the ramifications of the term crime. But few accounts provide a concise explanation about the term. The concept of crime can be extremely convoluted. (more…)
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About: Welcome to my blog! I am Dr. Ben Wood Johnson. I write about philosophy, law, politics, public policy, and education. If you want to learn more about my works, subscribe for my newsletters. Just fill out the sign up form or go to the contact page.

Interest: I am a social observer. I enjoy learning/teaching. I am an interdisciplinary scholar. I am working on several book projects. I have an interest in the following fields: Education, Politics, Philosophy, Law, Poetry, and Music, just to name a few.

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  • Ben Wood Johnson
    What is racism?
    A Complex Issue There is no doubt about it; racism is a complex psycho-social issue. It is a common affair in modern society. The problem is the literature is ambiguous about the nature of this issue. In other words, views often diverge about the characteristics of racism. While there is no consensus about the subject, […]
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  • Vietnam War Img 1
    Vietnam Was A Treacherous War
    A Policy Change The Vietnam War had been festering for several decades before it abruptly ended. A few months prior the official withdrawal, American officials appeared determined in their desire to stop the rise of communism in Indochina. But they evacuated from Vietnam before winning the war. Why did this happen? Few people have an […]
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  • Ben Wood Post
    An Indisputable Reality in Education
    Public Schools as Business Enterprises There is an indisputable reality in education. A school could not exist as a stand-alone entity. A school often requires an agglomeration of individuals and entities, many of whom must work toward a single goal. In general, a school is a public entity. But a school could not function on […]
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  • Trends in ed Img 1
    Growing Trends in Education
    Assessing The Teaching Profession In recent years, several trends in education are beginning to take hold. A growing trend affects the teaching profession in particular. A popular understanding is that a person could only teach when he or she holds certain skills. Without such skills, teaching is not possible, at least not at a professional […]
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  • PA Schools Img 1
    Pennsylvania Schools Are Falling Behind
    Assessing the PIL Standards The last few years alone, many Pennsylvania schools have fallen behind. While the debate is still growing about the cause [or the possible causes] for the state’s menial performance scorecard, the Commonwealth is betting on school leaders to make a difference in the classrooms. But the reliance on school professionals is […]
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  • 21st Century Education Img 1
    Idealistic Approach to Education
    A Utopian Approach to Education What I will propose in the next few posts could be considered a utopian approach to education. I will argue that we need to change our perspective about the world. But we could only do so by altering our perspective about education. The question I always ask in many of […]
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  • Many ways to teach Img 1
    The Term Teaching
    Many ways to Teach One could examine the term teaching from several angles. For instance, one might say that teaching is the art of conveying information to others. Over the years, this activity has changed considerably. It is now a formalized process. Teaching is now a profession. Generally, being a teacher is a formal professional […]
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  • Fearing the Internet Img 1
    Fearing the Internet
    As a Source of Anguish The internet is not harmless. It is often a source of anguish for most Americans. In many social circles, the overuse of the internet can become a problem. The abuses of internet-related platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, often represent a major challenge for school officials, parents, and employers alike. […]
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  • Leadership Tradition Img 1
    Fading Leadership Tradition
    A Fading Tradition in Leadership There is no question about it; there are so many benefits to being the boss that few people would pass up the opportunity to become a leader of an organization. This is true whether that organization is successful or whether it is struggling. An even fewer number of people would […]
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  • Mechanism of Education Img 1
    Mechanism of Education
    Examining the Mechanism of Education Many observers have debated the concept of education. In a previous post, I referenced two theorists. I examined the views espoused by Jean-Jacques Rousseau and John Dewey. Throughout their careers, these thinkers have debated the mechanism through which one person could transfer information to another. In this instance, I am […]
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  • Being a Good Teacher 1
    Being a Good Teacher
    A Popular Misapprehension About Teaching There is a popular misapprehension in education. It is concerning the teaching profession. The presumption is that a teacher can be either good or bad. Here, let us dissect that understanding in depth. The common belief is that every teacher must be made from scratch. By that logic, we are […]
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  • teaching booksw
    A School as an Organizational Structure
    Schools as Organizations In general, a school is a public entity. We could also categorize it as an organization. But an inherent characteristic of an organization is that such a setting is a business. The problem is that there is a certain mechanic in the functioning of a school, which makes it almost impossible to […]
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  • library7
    The Nature of Educational Leadership
    Leadership in Education In various organizational settings, the most sought out rank or title is that of being the “Leader.” Many people take great pride in being in charge. Of course, there could be various reasons for that, including the prestige of being the leader of a very successful organization. In this instance, one reason […]
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  • crime pic 2
    Examining the Term Crime
    What is Crime? Most people think they know what crime is. But do they really master the concept in its most fundamental sense? Not necessarily, I would say. When you hear the word crime, the picture of someone being assaulted by a thug [or by a ruthless criminal] usually comes to mind. You might also […]
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  • Nature of School Law Img 1
    Inconsistent Nature of School Law
    The Inconsistent Nature of School Law The American educational system is not uniform. School districts are different. Sometimes it is because of their demography and characteristics. Other times, it is because of their organizational structures. School issues are often very distinct. Many a time, it is because of the locus of the incident (on or […]
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  • keyboard pic
    Internet Safety and Bullying
    Nature of Online Bullying It is irrefutable that online bullying is real. But bullying activities often take many forms. In any event, such conducts are very pervasive in today’s society. Online bullying is not gender-specific; it is not an issue of race, ethnicity, or religion. Anyone could be impacted by cyber bullies. Just the same, […]
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  • Ben Wood Johnson
    The Teaching Profession
    What Is Teaching? This is an interesting question to explore at this particular juncture on Ben Wood Post. So far, we have debated several issues pertaining to education. We have also examined aspects of school law. But there is more to education than meets the eye. The teaching profession is certainly one of them. It […]
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  • Ben Wood Johnson
    Examining the Purpose of Education
    The Case for a Holistic Approach Education: What is it for? Of course, determining the purpose of education is an interesting subject of inquiry. Over the years, many people have debated this concept. But very few people have been able to provide tangible (or perhaps satisfactory) answers about the concept. Certainly, there are a few […]
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  • approaches to education
    The Nature of School Law
    Assessing the Characteristics of School Law What is the nature of school Law? Presently, there is no way to answer this question without referring to other fields of law. For instance, educational law is the result of the dos and don’ts of a number of fields of law. They generally include contract law, tort law, […]
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  • criminal justice pic 2
    Disjointed Field of Law
    Disjointed Judicial Opinions Educational law is the result of a series of disjointed judicial opinions. This reality tends to undermine the nature of this field of law. It lacks legal opacity; it lacks a clear legal structure. Unlike tort law or contract law, educational law seems devoid of a clear theoretical tenet. For instance, this […]
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  • Ben Wood Johnson
    Welcome Video
    Dear Visitor Welcome to my blog. I really appreciate your interest in my works. I have put together a video, which would tell you a little bit about me. Please, take the time to watch the video. If you are up for it, you could watch the video in French and Spanish. Thanks for stopping […]
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  • Ben Wood Johnson
    What is Cyber Bullying?
    Deciphering Online Bullying We could all agree that cyber bullying is a major problem in modern society. As the internet becomes more pervasive in our lives, it also provides a new medium to exhibit undesired social conducts. Educators, scholars, and parents alike agree that online bullying is a problem. But the degree to which it […]
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    Speaking Engagement
    Welcome to Ben Wood Post! Click on the play button to view video Let me thank you for your interest in me. I would be delighted to speak at your event. As you browse through this page, you should be able to familiarize yourself with me. You should get a sense of what I do. […]
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  • school bus_ed
    Being a Leader
    Are You a School Leader? There is an argument to be made that being a teacher automatically puts the individual in a leadership position. But not all teachers understand their place or their role within a school system as leaders. Now, let us take this example up a notch. Suppose you are a school principal, […]
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    Joining Ben Wood Post
    Join us now! We encourage you to join Ben Wood Post today. Click on the link below to do so… Why should you join our mailing list, you might ask? The reason is simple. This blog is jam-packed. It is filled with captivating information. It is intellectually stimulating. You have a lot to gain by […]
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    What We Offer?
    Benefits What is it that Ben Wood Post offers its visitors? This is an interesting question. Let us explore it further. For starters, this blog is Dr. Johnson’s favorite cyber corner. This is where he unwinds intellectually. This is also where he shares his apprehensions or positions about contemporary events. Keep in mind that the […]
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    A Different Blogging Experience
    Standing Out From the Crowd What sets one blog apart from another? The answer could be as subjective as the question itself. Since the internet is so vast, sometimes it is necessary to create a product that stands out from the crowd. How does one go about distinguishing oneself from other blog sites? One way […]
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  • Home Library
    Education as a Field of Law
    Education Law: Is it a Field of Law? For a long time now, I have been going back and forth, reading books after books, and trying to understand the major tenets of the term “Educational Law.” But it has been very challenging to grasp the theoretical underpinnings of this area of law. After numerous attempts […]
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    Why This Blog is Important?
    “Good Friend” welcomes you! I welcome you to my cyber corner. The Internet is filled with websites. Some of which are designed to be entertaining. Other sites purport to offer a memorable online experience. Many of these sites seek to be both entertaining and informative. Few can honor their promise. Ben Wood Post offers a […]
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    Welcome Visitors
    Welcome to Ben Wood’s Official Blog! This blog was designed to offer the public a glimpse into Dr. Ben Wood Johnson’s worldview. The items featured here highlight Dr. Johnson’s personal, professional, and academic views on important issues. The goal is to share thoughts and opinions about current events in a cogent format. This blog is […]
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