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Internet Safety and Bullying

Nature of Online Bullying

It is irrefutable that online bullying is real. But bullying activities often take many forms. In any event, such conducts are very pervasive in today’s society.

Online bullying is not gender-specific; it is not an issue of race, ethnicity, or religion. Anyone could be impacted by cyber bullies. Just the same, anyone could become a cyber bully.

Within the last few years or so, many people have experienced some form of bullying. Children in particular often become the victims of online bullies. But this is not by coincidence. As inferred above, bullying is not just a juvenile issue.

Popular Mode of Communication

The internet is a popular social tool. Over the years, internet access has increased two-fold in many places. In certain countries and regions, access to the internet has more than quadrupled.

Here in the United States, most people have access to the internet. Some have internet access at home. Others can log on to the internet from their mobile devices, at school, in public locations, or at their workplace.

Indeed, the internet is a part of the daily rituals of most Americans. Some cannot do anything without it. Their livelihood often depends on being online. Others are addicted to the internet. But would it be exaggerated to say that the internet is an extension of modern society? I would say no.

Ben Wood Johnson, Ph.D.

Ben Wood Johnson, Ph.D.

President/CEO at BWEC, LLC.
Dr. Johnson is an author, educator, and philosopher. He is a multidisciplinary scholar. He writes about Philosophy, Legal Theory, Public/Foreign Policy, Education, Politics, Ethics, Race, and Crime. Dr. Johnson graduated from Penn State and Villanova University. He is fluent in French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian. Dr. Johnson enjoys reading, poetry, painting, and music.
Ben Wood Johnson, Ph.D.

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