What is Cyber Bullying?

Deciphering Online Bullying

We could all agree that cyber bullying is a major problem in modern society. As the internet becomes more pervasive in our lives, it also provides a new medium to exhibit undesired social conducts. Educators, scholars, and parents alike agree that online bullying is a problem. But the degree to which it could be solved remains elusive.

In this video, Dr. Ben Wood Johnson discusses the nature of online bullying. He describes the characteristics of online misconducts. He also elaborates on some of the myths and misconceptions about online bullying.

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Ben Wood Johnson, Ph.D.

Ben Wood Johnson, Ph.D.

President/CEO at BWEC, LLC.
Dr. Johnson is an author, educator, and philosopher. He is a multidisciplinary scholar. He writes about Philosophy, Legal Theory, Public/Foreign Policy, Education, Politics, Ethics, Race, and Crime. Dr. Johnson graduated from Penn State and Villanova University. He is fluent in French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian. Dr. Johnson enjoys reading, poetry, painting, and music.
Ben Wood Johnson, Ph.D.

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