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Fearing the Internet

As a Source of Anguish

The internet is not harmless. It is often a source of anguish for most Americans. In many social circles, the overuse of the internet can become a problem. The abuses of internet-related platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, often represent a major challenge for school officials, parents, and employers alike.

While for some, the internet is a blessing, for others, it is a curse. For example, being exposed online could lead to all sorts of issues, including hazing, harassment, and bullying. The internet could also become a tool for spying and other forms of intrusive governmental monitoring.

For good reasons, many people fear the internet. Others dread the possibilities of finding their selves in the dark alleys of the internet. It is fair to say that no one wants to become a victim online. I have to admit that I am one of them.

The Hacking Phenomenon

Hackers roam the World Wide Web in the hope of victimized vulnerable internet users. Many a time, there can be no way to fight back against online criminals. And so, the internet is a free for all.

What about you, do you feel safe on the internet?

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In this series of posts, I will examine the issue of online bullying. I will explore the social ramifications of bullying incidents. I will also examine the nature of school interventions when students misbehave online.

In the process, I will reflect on the invasive nature of the internet. I will examine the panoply of anti-social conducts, which often emanate from being incognito online. Check back with us regularly in order to learn more about the subject.

Ben Wood Johnson, Ph.D.

Ben Wood Johnson, Ph.D.

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Ben Wood Johnson, Ph.D.

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