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Ben Wood JohnsonBEN WOOD JOHNSON, B.S.C.J., M.P.A., M.A., Ph.D.
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Personal Info

Dr. Ben Wood Johnson is an author, educator, and philosopher. He is a social scientist. He is also an inter-disciplinary scholar.

Dr. Johnson was born in the French Caribbean. He is married; he is the father of three. Dr. Johnson lives in the Keystone State. He is a Penn State graduate. He also graduated from Villanova University.

Since 1995, Dr. Johnson attended several educational institutions around the world, including universities, vocational schools, and professional schools. These institutions include Universidad Del Noreste (Medicine), John Jay College of Criminal Justice (Police Studies), North Carolina Central (Law), Fort Leonard Wood (Police Training), Police Academy (Anti-Riot Police, SWAT, Close Protection), and other (Diplomatic Security, Counter Ambush, Counter Terrorism, Defensive Driving, Sniper, Intelligence/Reconnaissance, and Leadership).

Professional Background

Dr. Johnson has a background in education, leadership, and administration. He has a background in law enforcement. Early in his career, Dr. Johnson worked as a police officer. He also worked as a school teacher, a martial arts instructor, and a security consultant.

Ben Wood JohnsonDuring his law enforcement career, Dr. Johnson worked as a diplomatic security officer and a special agent. He was trained by the United States Diplomatic Security Service (or DSS) mobile division. Dr. Johnson worked as a counter ambush and counter terrorism team leader. Dr. Johnson was also trained by experts from the MVM (a U.S. based private security contractor) and other diplomatic security entities affiliated with the United States, France, and Canada.

In 2005, Dr. Johnson founded the HT Security Company (A security consulting entity located in the United States). In 2012, he founded Ben Wood Educational Consulting LLC (BWEC). He is the current president of the company.

BWEC is an educational consulting entity. It is based in Pennsylvania. If you want to learn more about BWEC, visit the company’s Official Website.

Academic Background

Dr. Johnson has a very diverse academic background. He is a multidisciplinary scholar. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, a Master’s degree in Political Science, a Master’s degree in Public Administration, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership/Administration.

Dr. Johnson’s academic interests include philosophy, law, politics, ethics, public policy, and educational leadership. His specialties also include juvenile delinquency, race and crime, public policy, school administration, leadership, militarism, ethics, decision-making, and international law.

Dr. Johnson is a non-native English speaker. He is also fluent in several languages, including, but not limited to, the following, French (Native Tongue), Spanish (Near Native), Italian (Near Native), and Portuguese (Near Native). If you want to learn more about Dr. Johnson, visit his Official Website.

Ben Wood Johnson, Ph.D.

Ben Wood Johnson, Ph.D.

President/CEO at BWEC, LLC.
Dr. Johnson is an author, educator, and philosopher. He is a multidisciplinary scholar. He writes about Philosophy, Legal Theory, Public/Foreign Policy, Education, Politics, Ethics, Race, and Crime. Dr. Johnson graduated from Penn State and Villanova University. He is fluent in French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian. Dr. Johnson enjoys reading, poetry, painting, and music.
Ben Wood Johnson, Ph.D.

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