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An Indisputable Reality in Education

Public Schools as Business Enterprises There is an indisputable reality in education. A school could not exist as a stand-alone entity. A school often requires an agglomeration of individuals and entities, many of whom must work toward a single goal. In general, a school is a public entity. But a school could not function on […]

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Growing Trends in Education

Assessing The Teaching Profession In recent years, several trends in education are beginning to take hold. A growing trend affects the teaching profession in particular. A popular understanding is that a person could only teach when he or she holds certain skills. Without such skills, teaching is not possible, at least not at a professional […]

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Pennsylvania Schools Are Falling Behind

Assessing the PIL Standards The last few years alone, many Pennsylvania schools have fallen behind. While the debate is still growing about the cause [or the possible causes] for the state’s menial performance scorecard, the Commonwealth is betting on school leaders to make a difference in the classrooms. But the reliance on school professionals is […]

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