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Inconsistent Nature of School Law

The Inconsistent Nature of School Law The American educational system is not uniform. School districts are different. Sometimes it is because of their demography and characteristics. Other times, it is because of their organizational structures. School issues are often very distinct. Many a time, it is because of the locus of the incident (on or […]

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The Nature of School Law

Assessing the Characteristics of School Law What is the nature of school Law? Presently, there is no way to answer this question without referring to other fields of law. For instance, educational law is the result of the dos and don’ts of a number of fields of law. They generally include contract law, tort law, […]

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Disjointed Field of Law

Disjointed Judicial Opinions Educational law is the result of a series of disjointed judicial opinions. This reality tends to undermine the nature of this field of law. It lacks legal opacity; it lacks a clear legal structure. Unlike tort law or contract law, educational law seems devoid of a clear theoretical tenet. For instance, this […]

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