Ben Wood Johnson

What is racism?

A Complex Issue There is no doubt about it; racism is a complex psycho-social issue. It is a common affair in modern society. The problem is the literature is ambiguous about the nature of this issue. In other words, views often diverge about the characteristics of racism. While there is no consensus about the subject, […]

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Vietnam Was A Treacherous War

A Policy Change The Vietnam War had been festering for several decades before it abruptly ended. A few months prior the official withdrawal, American officials appeared determined in their desire to stop the rise of communism in Indochina. But they evacuated from Vietnam before winning the war. Why did this happen? Few people have an […]

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An Indisputable Reality in Education

Public Schools as Business Enterprises There is an indisputable reality in education. A school could not exist as a stand-alone entity. A school often requires an agglomeration of individuals and entities, many of whom must work toward a single goal. In general, a school is a public entity. But a school could not function on […]